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external image tn_teresa_feb04.jpg Hello, Dafne's students! Yesterday evening I read all your work and listened to all your audio files. I'm "very impressed" with the great work you're doing. Keep it up! You won't regret it!! And... I hope to see some of your 'architectural' work in the future. You're very lucky to have such a wonderful and creative teacher who has such motivating and innovative ideas. Take advantage of it! :-)
Best wishes to you all,
Teresa (in the Lisbon area, Portugal) 29 Sep. 2006
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Greetings from Taipei, Taiwan:
You've created a great wiki that impress the world. Well begun is half done. I'm looking foreward to reading and seeing more of your works and creations!
Good luck!
Su, Cheng-chao (Venny)
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external image hala.jpgHello from Sudan,Africa:
What a great and creative group you have Daf! Your work tells that you are REALLY going to be professional and famous architects ! Good luck to all of you and way to go!!
Hala Fawzi from Khartoum.

Hi, I loved your work.
I never thought of architecture as exciting but you have definitely changed my mind!
All the best
Sophie (Cyprus)

external image tn_Cris_tapped.JPGHello all the way from Portugal!
I have been going through this fabulous wiki, reading all your texts and I am absolutely amazed. It is so nice when we have creative, talented teachers that help us improve our skills in such an appealing way, isn't it? I wish I had had you teacher when I was a student! I will check back again for new readings. I hope to learn a lot from you! I know I will. ;-) Keep up the GREAT work guys.
Besos! :)
Cristina Costa

tn_Pensamarimorado.jpg Hi everyone, Yesterday I was invited to visit your wiki space and I was really pleased with you creativity! Well done! You, architecture and urban planning students, are really especial! Congrants for the great job you have done so far! If this is the kind of work you are capable of doing right now as a project, I cannot imagine the wonderful work you will do once you are graduated!!!! So, keep on working and learning!!! Daf, you have done an amazing work with your students, congrats to you too! I’m really proud to be one of your friends, coworkers, and students!
Regards, Magaly ;-)
(USB, Caracas, Venezuela) Oct. 1st, 2006

Hello from Valencia, Dafne's home town :-).
I was so impressed about all the investigation you made about some prestigious places you want to go after you graduate... I'm sure you'll make your dreams come true as, through your "magazine" you show an important effort in achieving your goals, and as architects your imagination has no frontiers.
María Irene

Congrats from Argentina!

external image ritaz-lg.jpg Wonderful work, dear Dafne and students!
If all students in all fields of education were so fortunate as to have a teacher like yours..., the world would be paying homage to John Lennon's dream in his song "Imagine"...
Daf, you are a true pioneer!
Hugs from Rosario,

external image mariajordano.jpg Greetings from Spain!!
I have no time now but I promise I will read you this week...!
See you!
María, UNED

external image buthaina_thm.jpg
Such wonderful work, Daf and students...Webheads are so proud of you and your teacher :)

Way to go, guys :)

Buth, a Webhead from Kuwait!

external image rfl.s.gif Hello, Dafne's Students: All of your works are wonderful and your creativity is very impressive! You're very lucky to have Dafne as your teacher who has so many creative ideas.
Cora C. (in U.S.A.)

Nihao from Yaodong in Liuzhou,China! I wish my 111 students could do something similar.You all surely have done something very creative and impressive. Thank you for sharing with us your work online.